electric food truck

Electric Food Truck

Food trucks have taken the world by storm and are a popular choice for startups and established restaurants. They are a cost-effective option to bring your menu directly to your local foodies.

If you're worried about fumes from typical trucks, an electric food truck is a perfect fit!

We are currently out of stock and are not currently manufacturing these trucks.

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electric food truck

In addition to being more earth friendly, electric food trucks can be cheaper to operate than vehicles that run on fossil fuels. 

Our Craftsmen team can customize your electric food truck just like any other vehicle. We can outfit your mobile kitchen with equipment specific to your menu and finish with a branded graphics wrap and custom menu signage.

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Why Go With Electric Food Trucks?

All around the world, food trucks have skyrocketed in popularity, and this craze that’s taking the world by storm shows no signs of ever slowing down. Food trucks are an especially popular choice with gifted chefs who want to realize their entrepreneurial dreams without sinking a lot of money into a brick-and-mortar establishment. 

Unfortunately, most of these vehicles run on diesel fuel. This might be okay for trucks on the highway who need to deliver food and other goods for consumers. For humongous delivery vehicles like this, there is no more sustainable way to get the job done. However, a more environmentally friendly option to run a food truck business exists, and that’s electric. 

More Economical and Environmentally Friendly 

Running on electricity makes them not only better for the earth, but also better for the operator and customers who won’t have to breathe in fumes from an idling engine. They’re also cheaper to operate than trucks that run on fossil fuels. And, you’ll attract environmentally-minded diners passionate about sustainability. You can also use your truck as an opportunity to educate people about renewable energy sources.

These trucks are changing the food delivery game in a big way.

Some of these trucks can go up to 110 miles on a single charge. That’s more than enough to get around the city to serve up your food to the hungry hordes. In some municipalities, government money is available for those who want to convert their conventionally-powered truck over to electric. 

You might not be able to get away with having a totally fossil-fuel-free vehicle, because you’ll need power to cook your food that you won’t be able to get from the truck. This means buying a small gas-powered generator might be unavoidable. 

Sustainable Food Preparation

There are food trucks out there who use renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to provide them with all the electricity they'll ever need. These operators put solar panels on top of their truck and added a wind turbine to generate their electricity. There's even one that has an onboard wood-fired oven to make pizza.  

Alternative power enables these trucks to operate anywhere, no matter how remote the location is. No need for a generator or an electrical outlet! 

So it's definitely within the realm of possibility to be 100% sustainable. But even if you need a little help from conventional energy sources, at least your vehicle won't be guzzling any gas as you serve up your delicious food.

Why Craftsmen Industries?

The future is all about sustainability.  One way you can help usher in this glorious new world is by buying an electric food truck. This will also help you break free from the limitations imposed by doing business from a brick-and-mortar location, so you can enter a world of exciting new entrepreneurial possibilities. 

We can build one on any chassis you’d like. Whatever your preferred design specifications are, we’ll use them to construct the electric food truck of your dreams. Call Craftsmen today!

And if you’d rather purchase one that’s already built, we have those too. Just give us a call and ask to see the electric food trucks we have for sale.