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Wrapping Delivery Trucks: The Benefits For Your Company

Wrapping Delivery Trucks: The Benefits For Your Company

Wrapping Delivery Trucks

Let your company trucks work overtime, advertising while making deliveries. Whether you have one delivery van or a fleet of trucks, wrapping your delivery vehicles is a unique way to increase brand awareness and recognition. Graphic wraps can highlight your company’s logo while showcasing vibrant brand colors, stand-out imagery, and chosen messaging.

What is a Truck Wrap?

Commercial truck wraps are made of durable and customizable vinyl, printed with your selected brand-friendly graphics and imagery. A quality graphic wrap on your company’s delivery truck will be an attention-grabbing element of a smart marketing plan, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

Reasons to Wrap Your Company Trucks

  • Marketing on The Move

A vibrant vehicle graphic wrap will make your delivery trucks stand out on the road. No one would pay attention to plain white vans, but well-designed fleet truck wraps are sure to be noticed and remembered.

Getting your company trucks to advertise for you while out on their routine delivery routes can also help you to reach a much wider audience. Your marketing reach will no longer be limited to people specifically looking for your products or services, searching for your website, or through word of mouth from friends. Instead, everyone on the road will be a potential customer. Anyone who drives by your mobile ad will see your logo and brand messaging. Because of their outstanding advertising potential, vehicle wraps are actually known to bring in more customers than a company’s website.

Potential customers will also be able to take in your business’s information without feeling like they’re being aggressively advertised to. This is in contrast to some radio ads or online pop-ups. Customers tend to have more positive responses to less intrusive forms of marketing.

  • Cost Effectiveness and Flexibility

Vehicle wraps are a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck. They are relatively inexpensive compared to billboards or other forms of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. With the lower upfront costs involved, you will also have the ability to change your truck’s wrap more frequently. You can create annual or even seasonal designs to go along with your company’s overall marketing campaign planning.

A vinyl wrap on a commercial vehicle is a unique form of advertising that can be moved around to wherever would be the most effective. You do not need to rent a specific space for your advertisement. Instead, drive the truck around to where your target demographic lives or where your services are in demand.

  • Vehicle Protection

A vehicle wrap will actually help keep your delivery truck in better condition. Wrapping a truck with vinyl will not only be attractive and attention-grabbing, but it will help to protect the finish from scratches and small dents.

You don’t have to worry about damage when you’re ready to remove the wrapping, either. A vinyl wrap specialist will be able to remove and replace a truck’s wrap with no damage to the vehicle.

Designing Fleet Graphics

You want a graphic wrap design to fit the vehicle, communicate the message you would like to get across and to look great doing it. If you’re ready to start designing vehicle wraps for your company’s trucks, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Size up the Vehicle

Measure the truck’s main areas for design, including the bumpers, roof, sides, rear, and hood. Take lots of photos of the vehicle at straight-on angles. The measurements and photos you take will help ensure that your wrap is printed for a perfect fit. Delivery trucks do have a lot of space to work with, so you’ll have plenty of room to design.

2. Start with the Basics

Keep your designs simple, focusing first on your company’s logo, on-brand graphics, and colors. You want to establish brand recognition, where people know who you are and what you can provide by recognizing these core brand elements. Any messaging and copy included should be kept short and simple. Potential customers driving by should be able to quickly read any text without distractions.

3. Consider Marketing Needs

Review the company’s overall marketing strategy, and decide where vehicle wraps will fit in. Successful advertising happens when marketing plans are cohesive and well planned out. Consider the goal of the vinyl wrapping. Are you hoping to expand your market? Increase brand recognition? Advertise a new product or service? These are all things to evaluate before you finalize a design.

4. Go Bold

Vehicle wraps are most successful when they grab an audience’s attention. They are made to be noticed. This form of mobile advertising is also meant to be seen and read very quickly, for example, at a traffic light or parked in front of a work site. Graphics should be kept simple and uncluttered to ensure better comprehension. Stick with bold colors that work with your brand’s identity, and don’t be afraid to really stand out. You want your delivery vehicle to be eye-catching and memorable.

Vehicle vinyl wraps are cost-effective advertising that makes a strong impression. Whether you have one delivery truck or a fleet of commercial vehicles, wrapping can help you achieve your marketing goals and get your brand’s message out in your local area or across the nation.

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