Rock Your Market with Unique Event Experiences

Every year, brands have the opportunity to wow consumers at shows and conferences. Craftsmen knows how to bring brands' unique personalities to life in event spaces with custom-built elements and branded graphics.

With our in-house engineering and design, fabrication, paint and graphics capabilities, we have the capabilities to help you from step 1 in your planning process all the way to onsite installation. Whether you come to us with a vague sketch or detailed rendering, we can transform your visions into reality.

The Glenlivet Distilling Company and Malibu Rum both aim to stay atop the rapidly growing spirit industry while breaking traditions and making cocktails a fun experience for consumers; like Craftsmen, they are committed to being the innovator in their industry. Both brands were challenged to bring not only their products, but their creative personalities, to the National Sales Meeting and Distributor Conference, so it made perfect sense to enlist Craftsmen to provide custom event solutions.

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We transformed their conference spaces into live, hands-on sampling experiences inspired by their unique qualities that allowed the brands to truly connect with their audiences and leave behind memorable impressions. Each event was boasting with custom-built and branded bars, displays, interactive game elements, photo ops, and large-format graphics all installed onsite and removed post-event by our team.

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