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9 Reasons Businesses Love Vinyl Banners

9 Reasons Businesses Love Vinyl Banners

Wrestlemania Royal Rumble Banners

The wheel was invented sometime in the fourth millennium BCE. That’s more than 6000 years ago. And yet all these years later, the wheel is still as popular as ever. Why? The wheel is simple, incredibly useful, and relatively inexpensive. Of course, the wheel has seen countless innovations and iterations over the millennia, but the basic concept has remained the same.

Banners are the wheels of the advertising world. Just like a wheel, they are incredibly simple, applicable to countless scenarios, and have been around for a long time. Almost every business that cares about brand awareness relies on banners to reach their target audiences. So what are the specific benefits of custom vinyl banners?

1. Conveniently Customizable

There are no rules when it comes to creating a vinyl banner. Whatever images, text, and colors your company uses can be included in a range of styles, from clean and professional to dazzling and charming. Businesses can use banners for advertising short-term sales or as long-term event flags and wall art.

2. Straightforward Design Process

There are a few options when it comes to designing your vinyl banner. Your in-house marketing team or agency of record can create a design according to your brand guidelines, and that file can be forwarded to the printing company for production. Or skilled large scale printers with a design team, like Craftsmen Industries, can create a unique design including colors, images and elements shared in your vision. Proofs will be sent back and forth for feedback until the banner fully meets your expectations. 

3. Inexpensive

Vinyl banner printing is an affordable process. The cost mostly depends on the type of vinyl, the ink colors used, and the project’s size. The cost of design, production, and shipment are the only expenses making custom banners exceptionally affordable. Compared to online or television advertisements, where you’re always paying for impressions or air time during commercial breaks, graphic banners are basically free. After you pay for the banner, the impressions start rolling in at no additional cost. 

4. Uncomplicated Installation

Custom banner signs come ready to hang and start making impressions. One of the main advantages of vinyl banners compared to other options is that they are easy to relocate and reuse. If a printed banner is not bringing the anticipated results, store owners can relocate banners to other areas. Some vinyl graphics, like pull-up banners and wholesale backdrops, are made to be portable and stand on their own.

5. Easily Replicated

There are two general ways you can achieve widespread brand awareness when advertising. One of these is creating highly impactful and expensive things like Superbowl commercials, architectural masterpieces, and immersive customer experiences.

The other way is to create hundreds of low-cost advertisements and spread them throughout your area. Banners are ideal for this second strategy of raising brand awareness. Once you’ve made one design, you can easily have it printed multiple times for every location.

6. Long Lifespan

TV ads might stay popular for a few months, but even then, you have to keep paying for the ad space. Graphic banners last for years, usually seven or more. You can easily clean them if they are on the roadside, where they might get grimy. A simple soap and water scrub is all the maintenance required to keep them clean and eye-catching.

7. Fit for Every Occasion

Vinyl banners are like those awesome but annoying friends who are naturally talented at everything they try. Some of the occasions banners are suitable for include:

  • Exterior or interior of your building
  • Sports events, both indoor and outdoor
  • Trade Shows, conferences and other special events
  • Fairs, festivals and markets
  • Public holiday celebrations
  • Construction job sites

Trying to think of a situation where a banner wouldn’t fit is a more difficult task.

8. Large and Noticeable

In 2015, an Indian accounting agency created a 39.5-mile long banner advertising the accountancy profession. That is a world record, but it demonstrates the range of sizes you have to play with. More commonplace building banners can easily be 25 or 50 feet wide. Large format printing companies, like Craftsmen Industries, are able to cater to almost any size requirement. Giant banners make big impressions on pedestrians, drivers, and those on public transport.

9. Enormous return on investment

Hand in hand with large and noticeable advertisements are advertisements that make you money. Because custom vinyl banners have small initial costs, next to zero maintenance requirements, long lifespans, and make big impressions, they are potentially the most worthwhile advertisements out there.

Of course, the success of your banner comes down to effective placement and design. If you’re wondering how to create a vinyl banner for your business, our team at Craftsmen Industries can help. We advise, design, and print all sizes of banners for brands around the country.

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