Quality Policy

Craftsmen Industries is dedicated to conducting its business to exceed customer expectations, by consistently delivering best in class products and services on a timely basis. We design, engineer and produce mobile marketing vehicles, mobile operational platforms, adjustable work platforms, graphics for a wide variety of applications.

It is our policy to strive for:

  • Inherent Safety in Our Products and our Designs yielding excellent safety statistics
  • Total Customer Satisfaction resulting in high customer satisfaction scores
  • Rapid Response and Competing on the Dimension of Time as indicated in customer satisfaction scores
  • Best in class quality products and services that deliver the best possible value to our customers as attested to by our customers and indicated in customer satisfaction scores and customer evaluations
  • Continuous improvement and innovation in all our systems as demonstrated by the increased number of new projects, specific improvements documented through our corrective actions, and growth of our system module elements
  • Encourage our employees to “always be learning” - through training and continuing education as demonstrated by the number of programs offered and hours of training documented
  • Our Quality Policy is to be reviewed annually as part of our management review process and monitored through our measurable objectives QCW-003

Leadership Team of Craftsmen Industries March 2017