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Everyone's new normal is different and requires different styles of safety enforcement, so we created a full toolkit of signage, dividers, masks, and even face shields! Our safety toolkit is ideal for retail stores, business offices, healthcare centers, public transportation, fleet vehicles, schools, healthcare centers, banks, and more! 

Custom is what we do, so don't feel limited on size, style, design, or message. If you need specialized items, let our team know. We can handle the fabrication, print and installation for you!

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floor graphics covid safety graphics


Keep your customers at a safe 6-foot distance with social distancing floor decals. We have material meant for ground application and durable enough to withstand shoes and other elements. We can apply indoors or outdoors, on concrete, tile, carpet, or wherever!

covid seat covers covid safety graphics


Public transportation is essential for communities - help keep it safe with custom seat covers! These covers simply attach to individual seats with custom messages notifying the public of the seat's unavailability, enforcing social distancing guidelines for everyone's safety. 

handwashing graphics covid safety graphics


Proper hand washing is vital to keep communities safe from COVID-19 and other illnesses. Inform your customers and employees on the importance of hand washing and the proper way to kill all germs with simple signage installed in restrooms and other areas.

craftsmen tabletop divider covid safety graphics


High-clarity panels provide a necessary layer of protection between individuals without taking away personable interactions. These are customizable to your specific sizing needs and can be installed for temporary or permanent use. Easily wipe down with bleach or other cleaners. 

face shield covid safety graphics


Body language and facial expressions are not blocked behind material for more personable communication. There's no need to constantly remove it either - breathe easily and don't worry about fogged glasses! Our shields are scratch resistant and reusable, so you don't have to constantly buy new shields or masks. Easily clean with soap and water or household products for reuse throughout the entire duration of solution distancing. 

maintain distance sign covid safety graphics


Amp up your specific safety messages with signage around your entire facility, on walls, windows, doors, or wherever you need. Your team and visitors can stay up to date on your new guidelines and work together to keep everyone SAFE!

shop store door sign covid safety graphics


Let the public know you are open and enforce new safety instructions with custom decals applied on your windows and doors. Window decals are a flexible, cost-effective option to inform your entire outside audience. Our installation team can even flawlessly apply for you!

now open feather flag covid safety graphics


We offer a variety of flag styles, sizes, and stands durable enough and wind-resistant for exterior use. Place in a highly visible location outside of your facility to inform the public of new announcements. Customize to your brand, use bright colors, and place bold imagery.

aframe sign covid safety graphics


Use standalone signs to display important messages like drive-thru only, masks required, etc. to your customers. We provide you with the durable frame, quality print, and install! 

thank you banner covid safety graphics


We can print large-format banners on a variety of materials for indoor or outdoor use. Give your community's frontline heroes a BIG shout out with a large-than-life banner installed on your facility. You can also use banners to inform the public of new hours, delivery options, or other important messages!

storefront masks required covid safety graphics


Easily set up a large banner with important safety messages, new hours, or any message on the interior or exterior of your facility. Retractable banners store inside of the base for easy transport and storage, then pull up for quick, easy set up. We offer various sizes and styles to fit your needs.  

craftsmen industries covid safety graphics


Designate temporary prescreening, COVID-19 testing, or order pickup areas with pop-up tents outside of your facility. We provide tents with adjustable frames and customizable tops. Set up these durable, water resistant, and fire retardant structures in less than one minute - no assembly required! Side panels can be added for private exam spaces. 

face mask covid safety graphics


Our face masks are produced with 100% poly mirco woven fabric on the outside, 100% cotton on the inside, and elastic ties. They are machine washable and dry-able for reuse. We have standard prints to choose from or you can design your own custom print!

covid thank you trailer covid safety graphics


COVID-19 graphics aren't only for your brick-and-mortar space. Use your fleet as large mobile billboards for any new information that you want the public to know. Promote delivery, safety guidelines, or even just say thank you to your community heroes!

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